Best Beaches of Porto and Magical Moments
Porto is a wonderful destination for vacations, since there are so many sights and attractions for you to have your pick from. What is more, during summertime there are fabulous beaches where you can enjoy your swimming and other water activities, as well as relax while lying on the beach and sipping your cocktails. There is nothing more idyllic than feeling the soft sand softly embracing you and the crystal clear waters inviting you for another dive. This is what you are going to get, if you decide to explore the coastline of Porto.

Even though Foz is a great place for strolling and relishing the superb views to the sea, its beaches are frequently full of rocks and therefore you should choose your shelter for your swimming pretty carefully! First of all, there is Praia do Molhe or Molhe Beach. This is a sandy beach with a fascinating promenade and with unique accessibility. You can enjoy your cold beverages and savour every moment of the sunlight on this lovely resort. Praia do Homem do Leme is another wonderful beach, which offers sublime settings and motivates travellers to pay a visit and get carried away by its beauty. Refreshing waters and silky sand are the main highlights of this beach! Praia da Luz will also amaze you, if you are seeking for an enchanting place where you can dive and indulge in water sports. In addition, this is one of the most popular locations for holding wedding ceremonies and receptions in Porto. The picturesque scenery will be the perfect sanctuary for your holidays, so you are strongly advised to go ahead with visiting it and relishing what it has got to offer.

As you can see, there are numerous beaches that can provide unique refreshment and utter relaxation to you in Porto. Feel free to explore them and make the most out of your vacations to this marvellous location of Europe!